Mid-Year Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan Changes and Taxes

Relief regarding mid-year amendments to safe harbor 401(k) plans arrived earlier this year with IRS notice 2016-16. The notice provided a short list of prohibited mid-year changes leaving all other mid-year changes available.

This IRS guidance helps plan sponsors comply with safe harbor plan and notice rules when making a mid-year change if:

  • The appropriate notice and election opportunity are provided, typically between 30-90 days.
  • The mid-year change is not a prohibited change.

Permissible Mid-Year Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan Changes Include

  • Increasing future safe harbor non-elective contributions from 3% to 4% for all eligible employees.
  • Adding an age 59 ½ in-service withdrawal feature.
  • Changing the plan’s default investment fund.
  • Altering the plan rules on arbitration of disputes.
  • Shifting the plan entry date for employees who meet the plan’s minimum age and service eligibility requirements from monthly to quarterly.
  • Adopting mid-year amendments required by applicable law (for example, statutory law changes or court decisions).

Prohibited Mid-Year Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan Changes Include

  • Increasing an employee’s required number of completed years of service to have a nonforfeitable right to the employee’s account balance attributable to safe harbor contributions under a qualified automatic contribution arrangement (QACA).
  • Reducing the number of employees eligible to receive safe harbor contributions.
  • Changing the type of safe harbor plan, for example, from a traditional safe harbor plan to a QACA 401(k) safe harbor plan.
  • Modifying a formula for determining matching contributions if the change increases the amount of matching contributions, or permit discretionary matching contributions. A plan isn’t limited if the:
  • change is adopted at least 3 months before the end of the plan year,
  • change is made retroactive for the entire plan year, and
  • plan sponsor gives an updated safe harbor notice and election opportunities at least 3 months prior to the end of the plan year.

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