Daily Valuation

Daily Valuation

Our state-of-the-art daily recordkeeping system offers a full menu of plan and investment information. Our open-architecture trading platform offers the ultimate flexibility in investment options. Alliance Benefit Group offers a revolutionary interactive video-based system in conjunction with our retirement administration service to assist you in increasing plan participation and participant understanding.


The system, SmartPlanâ„¢, is designed to educate, entertain, and engage employees from virtually any location, day or night. SmartPlanâ„¢ is built directly into our participant website for easy access and a single sign-on experience.

Video hosts discuss the retirement plan features and the benefits of participation, and then guide users through an interactive process that helps them discover their individual retirement needs and risk profile, as well as, choose plan investments and contribution amounts. SmartPlanâ„¢ then sends a user’s choices to the Alliance Benefit Group administration database automatically, eliminating the need for paper forms. This tool is highly effective for newly eligible plan participants and entire plan re-enrollments. Click the video below to learn more about this tool.